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The mission of the Grassroots Democrats HQ is to DEFEND and FLIP:  Defend Democrats’ 2018 House gains, flip the Senate, take back the White House in 2020, and turn key state legislatures blue.

Neighbor to Neighbor Project

Tehachapi Mountain Democratic Club (TMDC) Get Out the Vote (GOTV) committee is looking for volunteers to participate in our “Neighbor to Neighbor” program.

This is a program that is designed to increase the Democratic Vote in the upcoming election. Our overall campaign goal and strategy is to turn all Tehachapi’s Democratic Party supporters into voters. To accomplish this TMDC is going to be using a program called Neighbor to Neighbor. Research has shown voters respond to receiving the message to vote from a member of a voter’s community and increase the likelihood they will vote. As a volunteer you would be contacting newly registered or lower propensity Democrat voters. Unlike past campaigns that used a script, volunteers will instead be using personal, authentic communication and encouragement. Every caller will receive a list of 40 contacts from the CA Democratic field representative, Yvette Flores. The caller should use their own personal touch in contacting the voter. For instance, a Caller might first like to send a personal card to the person before calling. The idea is to create a relationship with the voter, and contacting voters a few times is ideal.

The more volunteers we can get to be callers, the more lower propensity voters we can engage to be voters. If you want to join this effort you can also help recruit your friends to join as callers. We need 50 callers to reach 2,000 voters! Many have already signed up but we need YOU!

For more information or to sign-up: Ginny Tunks. 661-821-0538 or Kathy Kneer. 916-878-6453

In 2020, the most important battles will be concentrated in the same few states. By focusing on 12 "Super States," we can work on flipping the White House, the Senate, and the State Houses key to rolling back Republican gerrymandering—all at the same time.