Candidate will speak to Democrats

Tehachapi Mountain Democratic Club has arranged for Julie Solis to address the group at their February meeting. She is a candidate for the 34th Assembly District, running in opposition to the incumbent, Vince Fong. Solis, a teacher, has worked with Assemblyman Rudy Salas to get millions of dollars for Kern County residents who suffer from Valley Fever. She organized speakers for a symposium at Bakersfield college to educate the community on Valley Fever. She has spoken to various groups throughout the County. Recently Solis organized a rally at the Liberty Bell regarding the impeachment, recruiting and gathering support for the issue. She has worked with labor groups for causes regarding wages. Prop D and access to medical marijuana has been another thing she has promoted. All Democrats are invited to attend the meeting at Big Papa’s Steakhouse, 1001 West Tehachapi Blvd. Dinner may be ordered at 5:00, with the meeting beginning at 6:00. Information about the club is on the website

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