Capitol Corner

The Capitol Corner is a means for members to engage in matters of public policy relative to the democratic party platform. Each month will focus on a specific issue.

Issue: Support SB 467 – End Fracking and Dangerous Drilling


Bill Summary: SB 467 will halt the issuance or renewal of permits for hydraulic fracturing, acid well stimulation treatments, cyclic streaming, and water and steam flooding starting Jan 1, 2022, and restrictions on permits near selected areas. 

Action Needed: SB 467 will be heard in the Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee on April 13th. Letters of support need to be submitted by April 2, 5:00 PM to be included in the committee analysis. 

Link to email letter:                                                                                       

Write to:

Senator Shannon Grove, State Capitol Room 305, Sacramento CA 95814 

Senator Henry I. Stern, Chair, State Capitol, Room 5046, Sacramento CA 95814

Bill Author: Senator Scott Wiener , State Capitol Room 5100 Sacramento CA 95814 

Writing tips: 

As a resident of Kern County I strongly support SB 467 for the following reason(s):

health, environmental hazards, water safety, climate change, etc. 

You only need 1 paragraph on why you support – not a long letter. 

Close with a Thank you for considering and please let me know what action the committee took. 

Senator Scott Wiener, 11th Senate District & Senator Monique Limón, 19th Senate District 

Senate Bill 467 – End Fracking and Dangerous Drilling