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Candidate enters US Congressional Race

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Candidate Kim Mangone and club president, Charles White

 Kim Mangone is seeking election in California’s 23rd Congressional District. She announced her decision to run in the 2020 election when she addressed members of Tehachapi Mountain Democratic Club at their recent meeting.She has a wide range of experiences which enable her to know and understand the needs of those within her district which encompasses a wide area including parts of Kern, Los Angeles, and Tulare Counties. Kevin McCarthy is currently the representative for the District.

Kim Mangone worked in many areas before her recent retirement. She is a veteran who has worked as a mechanic and an engineer while being a single working parent. These experiences have given her the knowledge and understanding to identify problems and come up with solutions.

Mangone lives in Lancaster and has begun traveling throughout the Congressional District listening to constituents and relating to their problems. She feels medical health care is a concern many people have. She wants to promote renewable energy and environmental issues. She will work for employment and adequate wages. She noted that Bakersfield has an 8.5% unemployment rate, yet many jobs are unfilled because qualified workers are lacking. She thinks job training is an issue that should be addressed.

An overflow audience of Democrats had many questions for Kim Mangone which she answered to their satisfaction. She suggested more questions could be answered on her website There was rousing applause after she concluded her speech.

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