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Democratic Count Down to Election

Tehachapi Mountain Democratic Club members are involved in getting out the vote for the November election. This was the topic of discussion at the September 3rd meeting. As long as Covid-19 rages, monthly meetings will be held on-line. If you are a Democrat but not a club member, you may get permission to join the meeting by calling 916-878-6453.

Democrats are supporting Kim Mangone in her race to retire McCarthy from the 23rd Congressional District. Club members have written two thousand personal postcards urging people to vote for Mangone, stressing the importance of voting early.

Volunteers are being recruited to join a project called Neighbor to Neighbor to remind others to vote. Elections in the past have been lost because Democrats failed to vote. That must not happen again. Any Democrat who would like to participate in the Get-Out-The-Vote effort may contact Ginny at 821-0538.

There are eleven propositions on the November ballot. The Club is planning ways to present pros and cons for the various measures to help voters make informed decisions.

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