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Democrats Looking Ahead

Amanda Gordon was the lead-off speaker for the February meeting of Tehachapi Mountain Democratic Club. She is the young poet laureate who spoke at President Biden’s inauguration. Amanda’s speech was actually a video of her reciting a poem called “Earthrise” which stressed the need to conserve and preserve our planet. It mirrored the importance of some of the steps The President is proposing in regard to the environment.

Following this uplifting beginning, there was a general discussion by members of how they feel unrepresented and betrayed by Congressman Kevin McCarthy. They questioned whether he has forgotten his responsibility to the People by supporting those who proclaim lies and criticizing those who vote their conscience.

The meeting concluded with a message from Evet Dumler, a member of Kern Indivisible, a group that advocates responsible activism. She spoke of ways to influence elections. She encouraged people to contact their elected representatives and hold them accountable for their actions.

Tehachapi Democratic Club meets the first Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m. During Covid restrictions meetings are held on Zoom. The website,, has a lot of information about the club as well as links to other city, county and state sites. Currently there is also a copy of the poem which Amanda Gordon wrote and recited at the inauguration

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