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Democrats Meet Historic Women

Gertrude Jekyll, C. Edwina Todd and Mary Pickford

Women from history were invited to talk about themselves at the March meeting of Tehachapi Mountain Democratic Club. The program was planned in recognition of March as Women’s History Month. The women were Gertrude Jekyll, Mary Pickford, and Captain C. Edwina Todd.

Gertrude Jekyll, portrayed by Joanne Beckett, was a British horticulturist, garden designer, writer, and artist. Mary Pickford, portrayed by Andrea Hicks, was a famous motion picture actress and producer in the early 1900’s. Captain C. Edwina Todd, portrayed by Connie Brehm, was a Navy nurse who described her harrowing experiences in the Philippines during World War II.

The three women represented American Association of University Women. Nearly 30 years ago, Carol Coleman established a group within AAUW called Storytellers. After a few years they extended their activities to promote women’s history and have been making presentations to schools and community organizations for many years.

Tehachapi Mountain Democratic Club meets the first Thursday of each month at Big Papa’s Steakhouse. Information about the Club is on the website

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