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Democrats Seek Election to Office

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Tehachapi Mountain Democratic Club is always interested in candidates running for elected office. At their February meeting on Zoom they met Ben Dewell who announced his candidacy for Congressional District 20.

Ben Dewell is a native Californian who grew up in the San Joaquin Valley. He received a Bachelor’s Degree from Cal State Fresno and a Master’s of Science from University of California, Davis. He became a forecaster for agricultural interests and creator of novel micro-computer based thermodynamic stability software.

After moving to Santa Clarita, he and his wife built a studio where he became a premier large format photographer and one of the few remaining master practitioners of fine art monochrome (black and white) photographic darkroom printing,

Following the death of his wife, he moved to Stallion Springs in 2017. Dewell ran for the Stallion Springs Community Service District and is now serving on the Board of Directors. He also serves as a director on the Hearing Board of the Eastern Kern Air Pollution Control District.

His experience on these boards led him to seek election to the 20th Congressional District. Since the congressional map has been redrawn, it is not clear if Kevin McCarthy will run in the 20th CD or the 22nd CD. Either way, Dewell is committed to proceed with his plan.

Dewell was recently in Tehachapi asking registered Democrats to sign his candidate petition. It gave him the opportunity to launch his campaign. Ben Dewell is a life-long Democrat, and he is committed to bring back decency to Democracy by representing Democratic values in the 20th CD.

Imelda Ceja was also at the meeting to announce her candidacy for State Senate District 16. She is not in Tehachapi’s District, but wanted to share her good news with the Club. She has often worked with club members through Kern County Democratic activities.

Tehachapi Mountain Democratic Club is hoping to begin in-person meetings soon. A decision will be made this month. Meanwhile, see the website for information.

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