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Marisa Wood Announces Candidacy to Tehachapi Democrats

Marisa Wood met with the Tehachapi Mountain Democratic Club at a Zoom meeting. She is a candidate hoping to defeat Kevin McCarthy and represent California Congressional District 23.She declares she will stand up for the forgotten people in this district.

Wood and her husband moved to Bakersfield 35 years ago. Her husband became a farmer and they raised three children. She has been a public school teacher for the last 20 years. Marisa understands the struggles families face because she and her husband faced the same kind of problems when they moved here. She says, “Families need jobs that pay the bills and access to affordable healthcare. We should prioritize workers, growers, farmers, teachers and first responders.”

Marisa Wood feels McCarthy is not truly representing the 23rd District. He doesn’t spend enough time with his constituents to know their needs. He is often unavailable to meet with them. She declares she will be an advocate for all. She will always speak the truth and take responsibility for her actions.

Tehachapi Mountain Democratic Club meets the first Thursday of each month. Meetings currently are being held on Zoom. See the website for information about current issues.

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