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Rally on Impeachment

The Impeachment vote is scheduled at 1:00pm (pacific time) Wednesday, February 5th, and expected to end the impeachment trial that was not a trial. A trial that had us watching Mitch McConnell and Republican Senators hand power to be "above the law" to this corrupt President. Do you have something to say about that? Do we, the people, have something to say about that?

If you do, then we will be peacefully assembling on the corner of Tucker and Valley Blvd. with signs and posters to let them know how we feel, and "We, the people" will not be letting this go without something to say. It's up to us, now...the people; Americans.

If you are outraged at the way justice has been kicked aside by the Senate, about not allowing witnesses and documents, if you believe in rule of law, if you want to put them on notice that we intend to show up in the primary to send McCarthy a message by voting for Kim Mangone and in November to terminate Trump's corrupt presidency then .... please join us!

Dress warm, bring signs and your American Spirit to let our leaders know that they can not shut our voices down. Let our neighbors know that we are here and invite them to join our voices, and that the people's voices still count! For inquiries to event and to RSVP:

Linda Hardman 661-821-0367   If you can't attend, any sign suggestions?? 

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