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Voters Show Support

Kim Mangone, District 23 Congressional Candidate, thanks the crowd for their support.

The air was filled with smoke, but this did not prevent nearly one hundred supporters of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris from gathering at the four corners of Valley and Tucker to show their support of the ticket. Kim Mangone, candidate for Congressional District 23, was also promoted. She was at the rally to meet her supporters. The crowd was enthusiastic and waved excitedly as many passing cars honked and made positive signs. Some vehicles showed opposite reactions, but this did not dampen the enthusiasm of the Biden/Harris and Mangone supporters.

The rally was organized through a few social media sites and by word of mouth. Many said they came because they are concerned about the lack of leadership that is leading to fear and division in the country. There was a positive air among the mask-wearing, sign waving crowd. Many participants expressed their satisfaction with the response they received. Some said they had never shown up at demonstrations before, but this is the most important election of their lifetime.

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