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November 3 Election Results

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On Sunday, August 30th, Tehachapi Democrats rallied at the intersection of Valley Boulevard and Tucker Road to show support for the Democratic Party ticket and platform.

Tehachapi Mountain Democrats always looked forward to the club’s summer picnic, but with recommendations that large group gatherings should be avoided, this year the picnic will not be held. This was the decision made by the Executive Board at their August meeting.

Online meetings are being planned as long as social distancing is in place. The first of these meetings will be presentations about Initiatives on the November 3 ballot. The Board will be meeting to plan these sessions and will announce dates and time soon.

Tehachapi Mountain Democratic Club is continuing to campaign for Kim Mangone who is running against Kevin McCarthy for Congressional District 23. She is a Democratic woman veteran whose life experiences and empathy for others make her an excellent candidate to represent us.

Anyone interested in Tehachapi Mountain Democratic Club may access information at

Tehachapi Mountain Democratic Club has new officers, but it had to be done on a Zoom meeting. The Club has been unable to have regular meetings since Covid-19 changed the world. They continue to wonder and debate when in person meetings can resume.

Charles White was elected to serve another term as president. Working with him will be Mari Goodman, vice-president; Kathy Kneer, secretary; and Tina Minton, treasurer. Trustees elected are Anita Pritchard, Carol Rush, and Dick Cavanaugh. Their new term began July 1.

The Club helps Democrats get elected at all levels of government. At this time, they are especially working to elect Kim Mangone in her race for 23rd Congressional District, a seat currently held by Kevin McCarthy.

They also try to educate, motivate and inspire people within our community to become politically active. A website to do this has been recently developed and may be accessed at