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Gertrude Jekyll, C. Edwina Todd and Mary Pickford

Women from history were invited to talk about themselves at the March meeting of Tehachapi Mountain Democratic Club. The program was planned in recognition of March as Women’s History Month. The women were Gertrude Jekyll, Mary Pickford, and Captain C. Edwina Todd.

Gertrude Jekyll, portrayed by Joanne Beckett, was a British horticulturist, garden designer, writer, and artist. Mary Pickford, portrayed by Andrea Hicks, was a famous motion picture actress and producer in the early 1900’s. Captain C. Edwina Todd, portrayed by Connie Brehm, was a Navy nurse who described her harrowing experiences in the Philippines during World War II.

The three women represented American Association of University Women. Nearly 30 years ago, Carol Coleman established a group within AAUW called Storytellers. After a few years they extended their activities to promote women’s history and have been making presentations to schools and community organizations for many years.

Tehachapi Mountain Democratic Club meets the first Thursday of each month at Big Papa’s Steakhouse. Information about the Club is on the website

Highway 202 Trash Clean-up  10:30, Saturday, February 14th, meet in Albertsons parking lot, near Coldwell Banker building. We go in pairs so bring your sweetheart and help keep Tehachapi clean! Have you noticed the sign as you drive into town on Tucker Rd. We want to show support for our community and you can help. We spend a little over an hour and you will be given a safety vest, grabber and trash bags.  We leave the bags along the road and Caltrans picks them up. Afterwards , optional, we go out to lunch and enjoy each other's company. For more information contact Chris Rush 661-549-0043.

Tehachapi Mountain Democrats learned more about the upcoming election at the club’s recent meeting. Candidates for Kern County Democratic Central Committee are on the primary ballot. From a field of eight, only 4 may be chosen. Hortencia Cabral, Connie Bosworth, Janine Adams, and Kathleen Weinstein were present at the meeting, and each spoke about their reason for seeking a position on the KCDCC.

Julie Solis, who is a running against Vince Fong to become a member of the State Assembly, 34th District, was introduced by Mari Goodman, vice-president of TMD. Solis married right out of high school and moved to Bakersfield. Soon she had three children and was happy with raising them. Her husband encouraged her to go to college and she graduated from University of La Verne in 2010 with a degree in liberal studies. The family had a beautiful home, nice cars, and life seemed perfect until her husband became ill. It took time for him to be diagnosed with Valley Fever and begin proper treatment. By this time, everything they had went to paying medical bills and keeping him alive. That was when Solis discovered politics and began fighting for funding for research and help for those suffering with the disease. She became involved with other causes, especially California Alliance for Retired Americans and is secretary for the Kern County Chapter. These causes inspired her to run for State Assembly where she will advocate for health care, education, clean air and water.

Kathy Kneer, TMD Club secretary, stressed how important it is for all democrats to vote and asked for volunteers to help get out the vote. Many volunteered to help with phone calls and letter writing. It was also announced that a fundraiser is being planned to help Kim Mangone in her election against Kevin McCarthy. She spoke to the Club previously and her platform was met with enthusiasm from those who heard her.

Information about Tehachapi Mountain Democratic Club is on the website