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Plans are being made to join the Women’s March Kern County in downtown Bakersfield on January 18 between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Hundreds of marches will take place that day to give women an opportunity to stand up for their beliefs. This is the third year that Bakersfield has hosted a Women’s March. Prominent women in Kern County will be featured as speakers. There will be entertainers and booths selling merchandise and food.

Kathy Kneer announced the planned event at the January meeting of Tehachapi Mountain Democrats. She has volunteered to organize car pools to go to the March. Anyone interested in joining a group may contact her at 917-878-6453.

Tehachapi Mountain Democrats meet the first Thursday of each month at Big Papas. A meal/social hour takes place at 5:00 p.m. with the meeting beginning at 6:00 p.m. For information consult the website

Imelda Ceja-Butkiewicz speaks to Tehachapi Democrats

“The day I became a United States citizen was the proudest day of my of my life.” Those were the words of Imelda Ceja-Butkiewicz when she spoke at a Tehachapi Mountain Democratic Club meeting. She was brought to this country by her parents when she was four years old. Her family was determined to give her the benefits they lacked growing up and encouraged her to get an education and be successful. She studied and worked hard and was an adult before she received her citizenship.

Imelda resides in Bakersfield and is employed by Kern County Public Health Department. Her life experience has inspired her to want to help others. She was introduced to the Club as a community advocate.

This advocacy work includes serving on the Board of Registered Nursing, a governor appointed position.

She represents nurses in licensing, wages, and other issues. She is also president of the Central Labor Council which has a membership of twenty-five thousand. Fair wages and treatment at work are important issues.

Imelda is so proud of the rights we have in this country and has never missed voting in an election since she became eligible to vote. This attitude inspired her to become involved in politics and she is on various Democratic boards including Democratic Women of Kern. She serves as Controller of the California Democratic Party. She encouraged everyone to get involved in their community and find ways to make life better for all people.

The next meeting of the Democratic Club will be a holiday party on December 15. Information is on the website Regular meetings will resume in January which are the first Thursday of each month at Big Papa’s Steakhouse, 1001 West Tehachapi Blvd. Dinner is at 5:00, with the meeting beginning at 6:00. Registered Democrats are welcome to attend and join the club.

Tehachapi Mountain Democratic Club has seen an increase in membership and participation in Club activities. Plans are being made to register new voters and encourage everyone to vote. Several members have attended workshops which taught how to do these things effectively. They are heading up teams which will work to get out the vote.

TMDC has not taken a position on candidates for office at this time. They are listening to all candidates and will vigorously support the winners of the Primary Election.

Charles White is president of the Club which meets the first Thursday of each month. The next meeting will be November 7 at Big Papa’s Steakhouse at 1001 W. Tehachapi Blvd. The meeting begins at 6:00, but many come at 5:00 for dinner and visiting. Anyone is welcome to attend. The website for the club has been updated and may be accessed at for further information.